Prieur LearyIn the world of technology and data manipulation, cybersecurity plays a role as a quest for safety and security that could be never-ending quest, as IT professionals like Prieur Leary try to keep up with the myriad tools and methods hackers use to defeat security and attempt to gain control of information in an IT system. Of course, not all cybersecurity is about hackers from the outside. In fact, because the weakness in every IT system is in people, not devices and machines, that quest for data safety is unlikely to end anytime soon.

That is, of course, why Prieur Leary’s efforts at securing IT will always be welcome. Throughout his long career, Prieur can point to a lot of significant experience in the information technology space. Information technology (IT) is commonly used to describe computers and computer networks, but the reality is, the term can also refer to other types of technology, such as telephony, audio and video systems and even mobile devices and systems. Because Prieur Leary understands cybersecurity as the greatest challenge faced by IT, he tends to be quite diligent when it comes to addressing that area of the information technology space. He strives to keep everything secure because that is enormously important to keeping a company moving forward.

The concerns expressed by Prieur Leary over the security of IT systems is not in any way overstated. In fact, it mirrors the current state of information technology in the world. If IT is to have a future, the problem of hacking must be addressed successfully. If that doesn’t happen, the risks could make the current openness of the online world a thing of the past.